Our First Seven Days of Second Grade Together!

What a difference starting the year with second graders! They really are more independent than first graders and I am truly enjoying teaching second grade.  We spent the first seven days setting up routines, getting to know one another better, and lots and lots of assessment! I am trying to get to know each child as a learner so I can better meet their needs this year!


Giving lots of assessments will help me determine what each learner needs! Now to get correcting!

This is not only a new grade level for all of us but a new method of teaching and learning. We are going to be doing even more with balanced literacy and less with our basal textbook. We will differentiate our spelling and phonics work even more than last year. We will be doing more centers this year. We even survived sweltering heat and our first fire drill (while the students were at art in the art room). I’m really excited about this year and I am looking forward to seeing all the parents at our Orientation Night next Tuesday!!