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Hello Everyone!

I am Maureen Riordan and after teaching first grade for 23 years in the Dracut Public Schools, I made the move to second grade! This is my fifth year teaching second grade. There will be lots of new adventures in 2017-2018 school year, not only for our second graders but for my family too. My husband, Mark, who also works at Brookside as a fourth grade teacher, and I have twin daughters, Molly and Catie. They recently graduated Dracut High School and are both attending college this year. (You may hear your child talking about all three of them this year!)

Dig School photo

In 2014, I had an exciting new adventure. For a week in July, I attended DIG Field School in an active research site in Hell Creek, Montana with my second grade colleagues, Mrs. Porcello and Mrs. Cooke. With thirty teachers from around the country experienced hands-on science investigation of dinosaur extinction alongside paleontologists and experts from other fields of science. We learned so much and are very excited to bring our experiences into this year’s classroom studies of fossils and dinosaurs.

I feel good home-school communication is vital to the success of a student. In the past, I have used newsletters or Schoolnotes to maintain communication with families but it is limited and I have found I can share so much more with families with our classroom blog. So I am going to continue using the blog as a primary means of home-school communication.

Educationally yours! ~ Mrs. Riordan

P.S. Feel free to contact me at mriordan@dracutps.org


3 thoughts on “About Mrs. Riordan

  1. Hello Mrs. Riordan
    I am VandnaKhera (Oorjaa’s mom). I really got impressed by your teaching style. The way you are using blog and posting each and every happenings in the classroom as well as in the school, is really perfect. It is helping me a lot. Well ,how is Oorjaa doing in her class? Please tell me about her.

    • Thank you Mrs. Khera! It helps to know that my blog is useful for parents. I am still getting to know all the children and they are all getting used to being in second grade.

  2. hello Mrs. Riordan,
    thanks for ur reply. Writing and Reading journal and xtramath at home is really helpful.Thanks for ur efforts.

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