The Dinosaurs Have Arrived!

Friday the 13th wasn’t too scary in second grade unless you count the giant stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex that “came to life” on the back parking lot.  A grid and outline of these two prehistoric dinosaurs was drawn with the help of some wonderful parents. Then the second graders went to work coloring the dinosaurs with colored chalk. When the coloring was completed, we used them to measure these life-sized creatures. We discovered how many second graders it took to measure the length, height and perimeter of each of the dinosaurs. Later the students were able to look down from the second floor windows outside our classrooms to see how truly huge these animals were. This hands-on activity brings the enormous size into perspective for our students. Dinosaurs are no longer extinct in Dracut….at least until the first rainstorm!

Check out more photos of our dinosaur measuring!


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