Ice Castles and Many Thanks!


Tom being very precise building his ice castle.


Nick really got into his work while Mia looked on.


Some students got right to work while others needed some thinking and experimenting time.


Brady enjoying making his ice castle.


They were working so hard that they didn’t notice I was taking their photo.


More hard workers!


Gabriela discusses her ideas with Mrs. Volpe.

The second grade students in C8 really had a good time creating ice castles on the Monday before vacation. Thank you to all the parents who sent in sugar cubes, frosting and candy to make this fun activity so successful. Thanks also go out to Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Volpe and Mrs. Ware for helping us out by preparing the supplies and wrapping the masterpieces when they were completed.


Special thanks goes to Alyssa’s brother who gave up his first day of vacation from his school to help our second graders! The second grade boys especially liked having a big fifth grade boy helping them.  I will post photos of the ice castle masterpieces under the student work tab. I tried to get every child’s ice castle but I missed a few because they were absent, dismissed, or managed to slip past me to the wrapping station without getting their photo taken.

Thank you to the generous families who donated food for our holiday party on Tuesday. It was both healthy and yummy! Finally I would like to thank all the students and their families who gave me a gift or a card. It meant so much to me that you thought of me at such a busy time of the year and I truly appreciate all the gifts.

While I am sad that vacation is coming to a close,  I look forward to seeing all the children tomorrow along with a new student that will be joining our class. Happy 2015 to you all and tell the kids that I’ll see them bright and early tomorrow morning! (Don’t forget to bring back your reading bag and your completed reading log!)

8 thoughts on “Ice Castles and Many Thanks!

  1. It was so much fun helping the kids make their ice castles…they all seemed to love doing it and I think they all came out awesome!! Nick was really excited to show his off to everyone that came by during the holidays 😊

  2. Alyssa had so much fun building her castle. I loved how each kid creation was different.
    Tyler was very happy to help out. He already asked if he could come in one day when he gets out early in the summer.
    He was also excited to make the blog. Thank you! 🙂

    • I was pleased that they were all unique creations! We would love to have Tyler come back and help again when he’s available!

  3. It looks like the kids did a great job on the ice castles. I know Mary enjoyed making her castle almost as much as she enjoyed eating the frosting!

  4. It was a pleasure to volunteer and help the students with their ice castles. I think I had as much fun as they did!!!! Enjoy the first week back from vacation!!!

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