Our Boston Museum of Science Field Trip!!

Our class had the opportunity to explore the Boston Museum of Science along with the rest of the Brookside second graders. It allowed the students to see and touch things that we have been learning about in science this fall. 

First stop was the dinosaurs and fossils!


Most of our class under the gigantic T-Rex!


View from above gives us another perspective on T-Rex’ size!

photo 2

Looks a bit scary from below, girls?

IMG_2835 - Version 2

Nick gets up close and personal with T-Rex’s footprint.

photo 4

Victoria and Chloe check out the footprint too.

photo 3

Watch out Alyssa! There’s a Triceratops sneaking up behind you!

We were very fortunate to have a specialist from the museum share lots of fossils and other rocks with the students. She spent a lot of time teaching them and was very impressed with how much they already knew.


Shining light through some very old amber.


Talking about fossils and showing what they knew.


She asked a lot of questions and taught us so much.


Ava looks at the giant piece of amber.


More students arrived so she showed the light through the amber once again.


A real Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth!

Next we got the chance to see a live animal presentation with the entire second grade. They were asked to guess the animal which was a marsupial that lives near us. Our students guessed “kangaroo” and “koala”.  But since we don’t live in Australia,  the students learned the opossum is a marsupial that lives near us.


The presenter coaxes the opossum out with food.


Our students stayed and asked questions after the presentation. It was interesting to see a live opossum up close.

We got to explore lots of other areas of the museum too. We were very lucky to be there when they had special exhibits for National Archeology Day. The children got to try their hands as amateur archeologists. We discussed how archeologists and paleontologists are the same and how they are different.


The Apollo Space capsule was popular. Here are future astronauts Tom and Tyler.


Shiwaum, Britany, Dominic and Mary search for historic artifacts in the sand.


Ava, Mia and Tommy S try their hands at archeology too.


They want a T-Rex???

We even got to watch a glassblowing demonstration outside the museum as we waited for the bus. The glassblower asked what they wanted him to make and they all shouted “A T-Rex!” Unfazed, he started making the T-Rex out of glass but unfortunately we had to leave before he finished.


The end of a very long but successful field trip!!

Thank you to our chaperones, Mrs. Fascione, Mrs. Ware, Mrs. Joyce, Mr. Kelleher and Mr. Sirois. You did a wonderful job and made it so much easier for me. Special thanks to Mrs. Ware for sharing some photos she took.

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