A Special Visitor and Another Xtramath Superstar!

Today we had a special visitor, Mr. Berube who taught us about Antarctica. He is a Dracut resident who traveled as a Naval Seabee to Antarctica when he was 24 years old. DSC_0338_2 Mr. Berube was stationed for four months at McMurdo Station. He showed the class photos from his time there in the 1960’s. Mr. Berube told about his experiences there and answered all the children (and adults) questions. He also shared a National Science Foundation DVD about Antarctica with us.images DSC_0337_2

The children were attentive and seemed to enjoy learning about live on this faraway continent. Sal was so excited he kept saying “I am so going there!”

DSC_0341_2 He brought in some of the clothing that he used when he was stationed in Antarctica. Avery is holding the hood from his parka and the children got to feel the wolverine fur.Here the children are passing around the warm gloves he needed when he was there.



Mr. Berube brought in some rubber boots like the ones he wore in Antarctica. Mr. Berube explaining that these are the actual boots he wore in the Navy because he had to return those.


One of the favorite parts of the visit was when Mr. Berube pulled out two rocks from Antarctica and he let all the children touch them. How many people can say they have touched a rock from Antarctica?

DSC_0344 DSC_0342_2

Thank you Mr. Berube for spending time with us and sharing your knowledge and experiences with our second grade class!


We have another Xtramath Superstar! Gavin L. has mastered the addition level.  Congratulations Gavin! On to subtraction!

The children asked if I would extend the deadline for the Scholastic Book club order until tomorrow. Please have all orders sent in to me or online by tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “A Special Visitor and Another Xtramath Superstar!

  1. Good evening! I saw your blog about Antartica! How exciting to have a “live” exhibit! I asked Ry if he shared with you and/or the class about his cousin? He said no. Our cousin Neil is in Antartica right this very minute! Not sure of the technicalities of it all, but he’s with a research team drilling into icebergs and such. Here’s the name of the team to share if you are interested to look it up. I have the link through Facebook but it didn’t transfer here. Have a great weekend – stay safe in the snow!

    “WISSARD Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling Project”

    • How exciting! Is his last name Foley? If so, I think I just saw his photo on the WISSARD Facebook page. Let me know if I’m right and I’ll download the photo to share with the class!

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