Our International Tasting Party Starring C8 Family Recipes!


Cecily’s mother brought in this lovely Swedish cinnamon roll ring. You can also see Katie’s Pepparkakor, a Swedish spice cookie and Hailey’s Russian Tea Cookies!


Salvatore’s parents brought in homemade Italian pizza warm from the oven! You can also see Maggie’s Kourabiedes (Greek cookies) and Avery’s Italian cookies!


We had special Indian treats from Khushi and Oorjaa, delicious Columbian rice pudding from Julian, Jayden’s yummy French food and Italian chocolates and Pizzelles from Ryan and Kendra’s families.


Fatima’s West African Meat Pies share the table with Danielle’s Gorton from Canada. You can also see Kiara’s Irish soda bread, as well as Jacob and Thomas’ special Columbian treats!

Today we had our International Tasting Party with the C8 Families sending in DELICIOUS food made from cherished family recipes from around the world! The wide assortment of food represented the ethnic backgrounds of our C8 Families which range from South and Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia! We are very thankful for all the families who took their time to make and send in these delicacies for us to sample. You helped to make it a very special day for the students! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Special thanks to Mrs. Rhodes and Ms. Morning for helping me to set up the Tasting Party! Things wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without you both!!

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