Learning About Chinese Culture & Traditions from Ms. Chen


Thank you Mrs. Lord for arranging this visit with Ms. Chen!

As part of our study of Traditions and Customs, we were so lucky to have Ms. Jinyun Chen, the Chinese Teacher at Dracut High School, come to visit the second grade to teach us about the tradition and customs of her Chinese homeland. In addition to a PowerPoint, Ms. Chen brought in lots of things to share her Chinese culture with us.  Mrs. Lord used the Chinese stamp to stamp each child’s homework notebook with a special Chinese character.


Here are some of the objects that Ms. Chen taught the children about today.



We learned about special Chinese dresses and Chinese lanterns. We noticed that red is an important color for the Chinese people.

We learned about Chinese food, sports, arts, writing, celebrations, and so much more.


Ms. Chen taught us about Chinese character writing. We learned that they use a brush, ink and water to write from top to bottom. She had a special scroll that would work like “magic” and the characters would disappear so we could use it again and again to practice!


Fatima was just one of the students who got to try to “write” with the brush on the Chinese scroll. All the children will get to try this when the scroll comes to their classroom.













Maggie and Jacob try shuttlecock. While they had some power, they need to work on their control! (Mrs. Riordan ducking from rogue shuttlecock!)


Everyone enjoying trying Tai Chi!

Some of the children got to try a Chinese game of shuttlecock. Mrs. Riordan even tried it! Then Ms. Chen taught us all Tai Chi which is a slow moving martial art.  We ended the presentation by learning to sing a song in Mandarin and asking questions. Thank you, Ms. Chen for sharing your knowledge with us so enthusiastically! The children had wonderful time and we want to thank Danielle’s mother (and DHS Foreign Language Dept. Chairperson) for setting up this wonderful experience.

Oh and don’t forget that our Tasting Party is tomorrow! I can’t wait to sample all the yummy ethnic treats!

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