Happy Halloween and a Visit from Zero the Hero!


Thank you to Katie L. and her mom for sending in these wonderful homemade pumpkin cookies.

Thank you to all the families who send in such yummy treats and other goodies for our party. Thank you to Hailey, Danielle, Ryan, Katie, Jayden, Salvatore, Gavin, Oorjaa, Cecily, Maggie and their families for making our party a big success. (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out….I left the list of names at school.) Thank you also to Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Adams for helping with the party today! The Rhodes family donated the wooden ornaments for the children to decorate too. Katie’s family donated Halloween erasers and I gave each child a Halloween pencil to keep at home for homework.


C8 knows how to celebrate in style! Check out our fantastic costumes!

DSC_0166_2We were very excited that Kendra and her mom Renee were able to join us for our Halloween party! We hope Kendra had fun celebrating the holiday with us.

This morning we had a visit from Zero the Hero since it was the 40th day of school. This year, Zero challenges the students to a challenge….usually math related. We have never seen Zero…he’s too tricky but he leaves us messages and treats!


It was the 40th day of school and Zero gave the class a new challenge. They had to roll dice…make a two digit number and then add or subtract 10. C8 was up to the challenge and Zero brought them a seasonal healthy treat!


I heard it took Zero a long time to draw those jack-o-lantern faces on all those clementines. But it was worth it because the children loved them!












Hope everyone had a Happy (and safe) Halloween!


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