A question for you…and a favor!


I shared our classroom blog with Principal Smith and she was really pleased that we are using this as a form of home-school communication this year. She did ask me if  families had posted comments. When I was doing Schoolnotes, I was able to tell if families had viewed the page. While I find this blog better for sharing information and photos, I find myself wondering if families are viewing this blog and finding it interesting or useful.

I would like to ask you to please post a comment on any of our blog posts by clicking on the speech bubble in the right top corner of any post. This will give me (and Principal Smith) a better idea of how many people are actually viewing our classroom website. As a thank you for doing this, any child whose families posts a comment will receive a homework pass!

10 thoughts on “A question for you…and a favor!

  1. Is there an email notification option for when the site is updated? I check the site now and then but also check 7 schoolnotes pages and receive two text updates from teachers. Thank you for keeping us informed and sharing what is happening in class. Love the pictures too.

  2. I am using the free version of Edublogs and I would need to pay to get EdublogsPro in order to have notifications sent. I try to update the Homework page daily. I make blog posts when I have something special to share. I will attempt to send out an email via the school email when I update with a new blog post (other than daily homework). The photos are one of the reasons I switched from Schoolnotes. I can post photos within my blog here on Edublogs.

  3. Hi Maureen!
    I never forwarded the photos from last years field trip! Is there an easy way to share on this site or would you rather me send them to you separately?


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