The Fossil Lady Visits!


The second graders listening attentively to the Fossil Lady.

The second grade had a wonderful treat on Friday. The fossil lady came and taught them about dinosaurs and paleontology. She brought a collection that included fossils of dinosaur bones and eggs, sharks teeth, fish and plants and even dinosaur poop (a favorite of the students!)


Fossils of actual dinosaur footprints!


This is “Oreo” a fossilized early mammal, not a dinosaur!

She taught them about the time when dinosaurs walked the Earth and how it was different today. She told them how the dragonflies were huge back then.


One of our classmates was chosen to be the giant dragonfly!

In addition to bringing her wonderful collection of fossils, she let the children explore, examine and touch her fossil samples.


Studying fossils up close is hands on learning at its best!


Examining fossils like a true paleontologist!


Working together and discussing what we are observing.


Thank you to the Brookside PTO for funding this amazing experience for the entire second grade!

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