Progress Reports and a New Friend

UnknownToday the students received their first progress report for second grade. The students are still getting used to the new challenges and expectations for this grade. If your child received a grade on the progress report that is lower than you expected, please know that there is still plenty of time to improve that grade before the report card. There should also be a green slip of paper inside it explaining that we did not grade the students in science as they have not had their science test on the dinosaur and fossils unit yet.  They will have a science grade on their report card. Please sign and return this progress report as soon as you can.

We also learned today that we will have a new friend named Kendra joining our class for specials. Kendra is already a special friend of one of our classmates. A letter went home to all the C-8 families introducing Kendra and explaining the Rett Syndrome disorder that she has had since birth. I read the letter to the students and they are very excited to have her join them for specials. We can’t wait to meet her! Please read the letter that came home with your child today.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day in second grade. We will be having a visit from the Fossil Lady! Stay tuned for more on this in another post!