Xtra! Xtra! Xtramath! and a “Powerful” Community Social Studies Lesson

I would like to have our students use the math site Xtramath to improve their speed and accuracy with addition and subtraction facts. It is a free Internet-based program that was designed by teachers. I have used this website in the past and the children have enjoyed using it. Unfortunately at the present time, neither of the computers that I have in my classroom that are working can access the site due to browser issues. I have requested assistance from the tech department but until the issue is resolved, we can not do Xtramath in the classroom. I have printed up instructions to help you sign your child onto Xtramath to do it from a computer at home. I strongly encourage that you make it a part of your child’s routine. It only takes about 10 minutes and really strengthens their computation skills. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Today I showed the children a powerpoint about their community of Dracut and how the community has changed over the years. They saw that the original inhabitants were Native Americans and they lived in the part of Dracut where Brunswick Bowling is now in Pawtucketville in Lowell.  They also learned that Dracut used to have more than 20 dairy farms, an amusement park, a ballroom, a race track and even a stop on the Underground Railroad. Talk to your child to see what he or she remembers from the powerpoint!  Please continue to review the vocabulary on the social studies tutor sheet that went home last Friday. We will have our first social studies test on Friday. One last friendly reminder…the class has Physical Education tomorrow so they need to wear their sneakers!



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