Daily Homework & Upcoming Dates to Remember

On this page, I will post the Daily Homework and any other important notices.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Friday, October 5th – Scholastic Book Club orders are due!
  • Friday, October 5th – Fundations Unit 2 packet is due!
  • Monday, October 8th – No School! Columbus Day!
  • Thursday, October 11th – Unit 1 Social Studies test
  • Friday, October 12th – Fundations Unit 3 packet is due!
  • Wednesday, October 17th – Early Release for Professional Development
  • Friday, October 19th – Trunk or Treat 
  • Thursday, October 25th – Museum of Science Field Trip
  • Friday, October 26th – Fundations Unit 4 packet is due!
  • Wednesday, October 31st – Halloween Party

Homework for Wednesday, October 17, 2018

  • Read the book from bag and log it. 
  • Math page 65
  • Fundations – Write 5 dictated trick words  
  • Tutor spelling words
  • Tutor science vocabulary

October Birthdays                 

Olivia – October 19th

Brexton – October 21st

                       Devin – October 24th

13 thoughts on “Daily Homework & Upcoming Dates to Remember

  1. Will reminders be sent for the Halloween party? I know I signed up for candy, but the date was still up in the air. When is a good time to send it in?

  2. Can we please have the study guide a week prior to the test? I just received a study guide today and there is no way that we can prepare adequately now. I see a large list of examples that most likely will be used on the test. Far too many to memorize in one night. It’s like cramming for a test.

    • We have been working on this social studies unit in class for a while. The tutor sheet with these same terms have been in their homework folder for several weeks. The study guide is just a summary to assist parents in helping them review one last time. These examples do not need to be memorized. They only serve to assist the students in understanding the concepts and to help their parents explain the concepts if needed. I don’t expect the children to cram for the test the night before. I simply want them to review the concepts they have been taught in class and assess them on what they have truly learned over the course of the unit. I hope this clears things up.

    • Hi Mrs. Lord,
      The poem is actually the song they are singing next week in the Read Across America event. I had them keep it in the homework folder so they wouldn’t lose it but since they already had enough homework tonight, I’m not requiring them to review it tonight. We are practicing it in school in music class and with the rest of the second grade. If they want to practice it at home they can but it isn’t required tonight.

  3. I think this is so great!! I always ask Nick about his day and I hardly get anything out of him except “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember”…lol!!..this is an awesome way to let us know what’s happening at school. 😊

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